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gay duck crossingWe are Carrie Ross-Stone, J.D., & Elisia Ross-Stone, R.N. (a.k.a. the Rainbow Grannies), lesbian partners, grandmothers and civil rights activists.  Not so long ago we naively believed that America was becoming more accepting of same-sex relationships.  It seemed to us that it was just a matter of time before lesbian and gay partners would have full legal protections.  We thought we may even live to see that day!

Then, in 1996 and seemingly without warning, President Bill Clinton signed the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), defining marriage as an institution between one man and one woman.  Even worse, DOMA denies gay and lesbian families – including our CHILDREN – access to ALL Federal rights, responsibilities and protections that are automatically guaranteed to other legally recognized families.



How We Dreamed Up the Idea of Gay Ducks

get all your ducks in a row

I remember exactly where we were when we came up with the idea of GAY DUCKS as our slogan for Rainbow Law’s estate planning workshops.

We were in Buffalo New York, drinking a couple of cold Labatt's Blues and leaning against a mirrored wall in a badly lit corner of a now defunct lesbian bar called The Lavender Door.

It was a humid August night in 2001 -- just weeks before the September 11 tragedy -- and we were getting ready for our first ever Michigan Women’s Music Festival workshop.

A few months earlier we were handing out flyers (for what we were then calling our “When Love is not Enough -- Estate Planning for the LGBT Community” workshop) at Tampa Pride. 


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