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Recently, host Stephen Colbert of ‘The Colbert Report’, exposed an evil plot by “Gay Ducks” trying to trying to destroy heterosexual marriage by fighting for the rights of other gay ducks to marry.

As founders of the original (and only) Honorable Order of Gay Ducks, we decided that the only way to prevent Colbert from ruining our plan -- is to make him a Gay Duck!

Will you help us by voting to make Stephen Colbert a Gay Duck?

Click on the poll on right side menu and vote "yes."  When we get 500 votes we will notify the Colbert Report to let them know Stephen has been honored with this distinction.

Here is a short video we made and put up on YouTube.  Please embed this video on your site or put a link to it on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.  Hopefully the video will entice folks to vote for Stephen Colbert, Gay Duck:


Also, if YOU become a Gay Duck (sign up form is on left side of page) before December 31, 2009, you will automatically be entered to win a Gay Ducks Cap in a random drawing. This is the same cap we will send to Stephen Colbert as part of his honorary Gay Ducks membership.


The winners will be selected at random from all of those who sign up between now and December 31, 2009. Ten winners will be drawn and those winners will be announced on this website on Thursday, December 31st and will be notified via email.


(Watch the original Gay Duck episode on The Colbert Report here.)


GAYDUCKS is the brainchild of Elisia Ross and Carrie Stone, lesbian partners and founders of Rainbow Law. The idea for Gay Ducks came to them as they were brainstorming about cute and memorable methods to remind gay men and lesbians that until we have legal rights we need to take the necessary steps to protect our relationships and our rights -- in other words, "Get All Your Ducks in a Row!"  G, A & Y are the first letters in "Get All Your" and thus the phrase was born.

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