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We need a total of 500 yes votes!

Come ON everyone, ask all of your fine feathered friends and ask them to vote for Stephen Colbert to become an honorary GAY DUCK!

Don't let Stephen DOWN!

Go to the poll on the right side menu and vote yes to make Stephen a Gay Duck.

One week ago, Colbert exposed our evil plot by to destroy heterosexual marriage. (Watch the video here.)

Since then, at least one state, Maine, has voted to deny rights to its citizens.

The Gay Ducks theme may be silly, but the struggle for equal legal rights for LGBT families is anything but.  The only way to change hearts and minds is to win people over.  Fear may be the hater's greatest weapon against us but laughter is a powerful way to show how despicable their agenda really is.

Please help us spread the word about our campaign for marriage equality by making this silly duck thing go viral!


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Should Stephen Colbert be made an Honorary Gay Duck?

Don't Duck Your Responsibility!