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It's a Grassroots Campaign . . .
designed to educate the general public about the need for equal legal rights and benefits for gay and  lesbian people and our families.  Also to remind the LGBTQ community that until we actually get legal rights, we need to take matters into our own hands and put our wishes in writing to protect our loved ones.

It's a Movement . . .
to encourage involvement political activism, to become visible, to stand up and proudly assert your right to be treated equally and with respect.


Even if you do live in a state or city that recently passed laws granting marriage rights, civil unions or domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples, there is no guarantee that these laws will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

support gay duck marriage

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Where Do I Start? http://www.gayducks.org/component/content/article/1-latest-news/6-where-do-i-start http://www.gayducks.org/component/content/article/1-latest-news/6-where-do-i-start Where Do I Start?


Get all your Ducks in a Row.  Order free or affordable Legal Documents.


Sign the Marriage Equality Petition!

Educate Yourself about Marriage Equality

This site is dedicated to the legal rights of gay men and lesbians, the LGBT community, people in same-sex and/or  homosexual relationships, their families and children.

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Empower Yourself! http://www.gayducks.org/component/content/article/1-latest-news/44-empower-yourself http://www.gayducks.org/component/content/article/1-latest-news/44-empower-yourself Empower Yourself!

Learn all you can about Estate Planning specific to the LGBTQ lifestyle. . . put your wishes in writing to protect your relationship and your rights. . . Encourage all your friends to do the same!

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