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Stephen Colbert Uncovers GAY DUCKS Plot

On Monday, October 26, 2009, Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central's Colbert Report, finally discovered our secret society of GAY DUCKS and our plot to DESTROY HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE!

The Secret GAY DUCKS Society has been fighting for equal marriage rights for the LGBT community for more than 10 years.

All this time, we have not been trying to "duck" the spotlight.  We just thought it would be wise to keep our mission under (eider down) wraps so as not to raise suspicion as we set about dismantleling the "Traditional American Family."

And until now, until that pesky kid Stephen Colbert outed us, we have had great success.  Six states now allow gay duck marriage and we expect many more " quacks" to appear in the marital glass ceiling.

Although our evil plot has been discovered, our true identities remain safe.  Colbert showed a photograph of a "gay duck" but it was only a guy in a duck suit and not an actual gay duck.

We hope he never finds out about the Lesbian Grandmother's from Mars or our goose (a bird of a different feather) will really be cooked!


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